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New Launch: Video describing the detailed features of the vehicle. Video displaying the USP, variants and price of vehicle. Video asking for the customer feedback for the test drive

Customer On-Boarding: Personalized video congratulating the owner about the new vehicle and informing about the free service. Describe recent features included in the vehicle, 24X7 Helpline/ road side assistance etc.

Re-targeting Customers: Retarget customers who have already expressed interest in your product or service. Explain the product USP, benefits & how swiftly it can be availed. Deliver Exclusive offer. Video to encourage the viewer to go to store.

Regular Vehicle Care: Video displaying the care tips like tyre pressure, engine care, safety in weather conditions and information for better maintenance. Send out highly personalized videos as a reminder for taking your vehicle for a service,

Special Moments: Send out highly personalized videos to customers on their birthdays, Anniversary, achievements and Festivals. Deliver in offers / gift coupons/ vouchers in video

Insurance Personalize Can Be

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New Launch

Voice name callout, Offers, CTA to connect to customer care for a test drive, Location-based personalization

Customer On-boarding

Voice name callout. Location-based personalization like language. Link for Feedback

Re-targeting Customers

Voice name callout. Name / Photograph of the customer. Personalization based on location.

Regular Vehicle Care

Voice name callout. Include Vehicle registration number. Service Information (Free / Paid - itinerary). Link for Booking & Service Feedback

Special Moments

Personalized content. Voice name callout. Name/Photograph. Offers/ gifts/vouchers. location based personalization