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Entertainment Media

Entertainment Media

Customer Acquisition | Lead Generation: Personalized videos of your plan offerings along   with differentiator to each out to new customers. Describe USP/Benefits/ Features. You can demo your app in video. In video CTA for lead generation.

Customer Engagement | New Launch: Personalised video to offer new and upcoming Shows, Movies & Programmes to customers based on your customer preferences. Personalized recommendations

Customer Acquisition | Re-targeting: Retarget churned customers that unsubscribed, all owing them to carry on the user journey from in-video link. Explain the product benefits & how swiftly it can be availed. In Video call to apply for the product. Deliver Exclusive offer.

Customer Service: Personalised video informing the customer about their grievances and how swiftly they been resolved and asking for the feed back

Special MomentsSend out highly personalized videos to customers on their birthdays, Anniversary, achievements and Festivals. Deliver in offers/ x gift coupons/ vouchers in video

Insurance Personalize Can Be

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Customer Acquisition | Lead Generation

Voice name callout. Name/Photograph. Programs & Shows details. Personalization based on location

Customer Engagement | New Launch

Voice name callout. Name/Photograph. Plan Details > Choice to upgrade Plan. Personalization based on location.

Customer Acquisition | Re-targeting

Voice name callout. Name/Photograph/relationship with bank. Plan details > benefits and feature segmentation based on customer preferences.

Customer Service

Name with voice name callout. CTA with the feedback form. Customer service information with in-video calling facility

Special Moments

Personalized content. Voice name callout. Name/Photograph. Offers/ gifts/vouchers. location-based personalization