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One-to-One | Email | SMS

Add the power of video and interactivity to Email and SMS campaigns. Viria empowers you to take one to one personalized marketing to a level where you connect with your customers individually with embedded Personalized video short links. You can send personalized offer to your customers as interactive videos to improve conversions and capture customer inputs, taking interactivity to the next level, resulting in improved conversions and ROI.

We combine Videos and Personalization with Email/SMS to create impactful customer engagements yielding better click thru rates & conversions

Personalized videos enhance the CTR by 65% making it the preferred format for the marketers Connects emotionally and influences the customer purchase decision.

Email and SMS are the direct channels of communication that deliver instant result for the marketers It is more effective than ever with more than 4.5 billion email accounts & 5 billion mobile numbers worldwide

Personalization increases campaign conversions multifold and builds lasting customer relationships. Customers now expect enterprise to connect with them on a personal level.